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love, lindsay

holly would
4 February
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i'm a tough badass.

i'm totally in love.

animal collective, anti-racist action, art, aus rotten, b movies, baking, bare feet, beat shit, beer, bikes, bloomfield, bod mod, bright eyes, bubbles, bukowski, capote, casablanca, chocolate pudding, choking victim, conflict, crafting, crass, crust, czech republic, dancing, dead kennedys, descendents, diet soda, dirty filthy love, diy, dumpster diving, ed wood, emo, equality, eternal sunshine, even numbers, everything is illuminated, farms, fear and loathing, feminism, fibonacci, fishnets, folk, foreign films, forties, french, ganstas, garbage, ginger snaps, glitter, golden ratio, graffiti, gwar, hairy cunts, hairy pits, half baked, high heels, housewifery, html, igby goes down, joshua weaver, juno, kimya dawson, kittens, l'etranger, leftover crack, liberation, love, marie antoinette, maryjane, metamorphosis, mittens, modest mouse, mondays, montreal, morning glory, my amazing boyfriend, nadja, neutral milk hotel, noise, not eating animals, on the road, operation ivy, pbr, pcos, peppermint tea, pinups, pittsburgh, poetry, post office, postcards, psycho, punk, radical history, red lipstick, requiem for a dream, resistance, revolution, saves the day, sea creatures, self esteem, sewing, sex, shaun of the dead, sid and nancy, ska, some like it hot, spring, squatting, subhumans, sublime, summer, surprise buttsecks, tattoos, tentacles, the adicts, the band, the bell jar, the birds, the distillers, the exploited, the fifties, the germs, the get up kids, the golden girls, the last waltz, the misfits, the science of sleep, thumbsucker, tiger army, tofu, tom waits, travel, trees, tulips, ufos, ukraine, visions of gerard, white oleander, wolf eyes, wool, wristcutters: a love story, you and me, your blue eyes, zombie movies, zombie survival